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Attack K-9 Security 

Today, more than ever, security is an issue.  You are at risk, your business is at risk. 

What would you do if you arrived at your place of business or employment to find that you had been victimized by crime or a break-in?  Hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of inventory stolen or destroyed?  Don't become a victim - know your facts and take a pro-active course of action.

With Attack K-9 Security, you'll rest easy.

Attack  K-9 offers a unique concept of canine protective services for business.  We have over 20 years experience, we're a family owned business, and our scope of services range from office buildings to warehouse, to rehab, to vacant property.

We  strive to offer the most comprehensive security service to our client at a very competitive rate.  We provide an in-depth hands-on assessment to meet the security requirements of your company.

Our guard dogs are unsurpassed in the industry.  All of our canines are bred "in-house."  We know their temperament, personalities, strengths. We breed German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Malinois.   

Attack K-9 Security, providing the finest guard, security, protection, attack canines available!  We protect you, your business, your investment.